From adding a Tricolor frame to their profile picture on social networking sites and updating their status with a patriotic quote, to listening to patriotic songs on the loop or simply waving the flag across the streets, there are so many things Jaipurites do to show their patriotism when Independence Day approaches. Adding to the list is the trend of wearing patriotism on nails! Confused? We are talking about Independence Day-themed nail art that has been trending among Jaipurites.

Deepali Chug, the owner of SizzlinScizzors, says, “Tiranga- inspired designs, Tricolor butterflies and miniature images of Mahatma Gandhi are some of our popular designs. While some have opted for nail art on all the fingernails, others have got the design made on just their ring fingers. Last year also, we got a good number of women and young girls coming in for such nail art designs. This year, the number has increased.”

Gunjan, a resident of Jagatpura who recently got nail art done, says, “I am going for lunch on I-Day today at one of my uncles’ house. The theme is unsurprisingly Independence Day. I thought it would be nice to have Tricolored nails. My nails look beautiful and reflect my feelings for the occasion.”

Ishita Singhanwal, a BSc graduate and resident of Vidhyadhar Nagar, says, “I will be wearing a white suit with Tricolor dupatta. My Tricolor -themed nail art will complement my look. The nail art will stay for a month. I am excited to flaunt my nails among my friends.”


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