The way we wear our nails, whether bare or bedazzled, can say a lot about individual style.

While Nail art and nail extensions have been trending around the world, the various, manicure tools available have given a whole new dimension to creative nail art. Glitter and chrome nails are trending a lot in the Pink City too, along with creative nail art that is usually done on gel or acrylic extensions. The latest in town is cartoons, stories or pictures that tell interesting tales through your nails.


For nail art lovers of the city, winner of Nailathon 2017, Akhil Gohar is now offering creative nail art and extension. “From brush nail art that includes making cartoons, stories or pictures to metallic French manicure, Gohar is here to offer all kinds of nail art and nail extensions,” shared Deepali Chugh of Sizzlin Scizzors, which is offering these services.


“There are three types of nail extensions which include gel extension, acrylic extension and overlay extension.These entire last for around 2-3 weeks and it is advisable to remove the extensions once in a while to let the nails breathe.Coming to the nail art, while the temporary one is done using normal colors, the permanent ones are long lasting with UV rays. All of these services are available here,”


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