The benefits of the sea are fascinating and limitless; PHYTOMER makes exceptional products out of them which reveals your natural beauty with ingredients from the sea. For nearly 50 years, PHYTOMER has been transforming the sea into skincare to reveal women’s beauty at its best. Authentic beauty, natural and alive. Our researchers are pioneers in marine biotechnology. They create eco-friendly formulas with the highest standards of quality, mastering each step from the discovery of the active ingredient to the manufacturing of the final product.

Remy Laure

Remy Laure is another internationally renowned name in the portfolio of the brands that Sizzlin Scizzors has collaborated with. Remy Laure has gained an expertise in ‘Moor therapy’ which is a beauty treatment with mud and with them we have gained an expertise in the application of it. It is a highly authentic skin treatment showcasing efficient results. Sizzlin Scizzors with the help of Remy Laure’s products exploits the benefits of mud therapy to replenish your beautiful skin. In addition to a re-mineralizing and stress- free effect, this therapy brightens the complexion and stimulates the skin to give you a young, radiating skin.


Having the perfect skin is a journey that requires consistent commitment and Sizzlin Scizzors proves its commitment by using only the best skin care products in all its rituals and treatments. Our experts have mastered the art of efficient application of Oligodermie products to achieve a hydrated, well moisturized, glowing and nourished skin that we all desire. We believe that the natural way is the best way so our experts use products containing highly concentrated natural and active ingredients. Treat your skin with expert care at Sizzlin Scizzors!


BIOTOP Professional extensive line of products offers something for everyone, whether you have damaged, fine, curly or color- treated hair. BIOTOP Professional high-performance well-researched ingredients reflect and make the most out of the latest innovations in hair care technologies emphasizing the most comfortable and suitable use for you. Continuous use of BIOTOP products will result in a fully repaired, well protected, shiny, soft and healthy looking hair. BIOTOP Professional salon- exclusive hair care products are guaranteed only when purchased from professional salons.

Moroccan Oil

Sizzlin Scizzors takes pride in joining hands with top international brands and believes in using only the best products to achieve outshining results. To treat dull, frizzy hair and dry skin, Sizzlin Scizzors uses Moroccan Oil due to its ground breaking nourishing formula. Moroccan Oil is a perfect mix of the much talked about Argan Oil and other high- performance ingredients. This treatment is set to completely transform your hair as it magically detangles hair while boosting its shine. Sizzlin Scizzors in collaboration with Moroccan Oil will help you realise the dream, the dream of beautiful, shiny hair and hydrated skin with a sun- kissed glow.


Kerafusion has helped Sizzlin Scizzors bring to its customers one of the most innovative hair care therapies. This keratin treatment is formulated with a special protein complex which penetrates deep into the damaged cuticles, works its magic and leaves silky, shiny and healthy looking hair that are frizz free. Kerafusion is extremely safe and effective when used by a licensed professional stylist. Find yours at Sizzlin Scizzors.


Associating ourselves with highly credible brands is what reflects the standards and strong quality control at Sizzlin Scizzors. We offer a wide range of Janssen products for face and body and other skin care products to protect you from the harshness of the sun. Make bronzing in the sun a pleasurable experience with Janssen skin care essentials available at Sizzlin Scizzors. We are also working towards eliminating the myth of men not needing skin care with Janssen products for men. Yes, men also need more than soap and a harsh astringent after- shave. A good skin enhances confidence and, confidence is sexy!

SP Wella

Sizzlin Scizzors strives to bring to its customers the best of the best. In this endeavour we have collaborated with SP Wella, an extremely well known brand for its rich hair colors and reputed range of hair care products. We understand that our client’s time is precious and therefore these products can easily be purchased from any of our branches. So once you’ve got the perfect hair color, you can maintain it even in the convenience of your home. Discover yourself!